25 July 2007

An unusual animal at the zoo: Wollemi pine

Wollemi pine1

While walking around with a wine glass in my hand during the opening night reception of the World Congress of Malacology at the Antwerp Zoo, I came upon a sign in Dutch that said: De Wollemi den: de dino onder de bomen*. The only word I could recognize was Wollemi, the name of the rare and unusual pine species (Wollemia nobilis) that was discovered in the Wollemi National Park in Australia in 1994. There it was growing in a pot thousands of kilometers away from its home.


The species is apparently the last remaining survivor of an ancient lineage. The exact location of where the trees grow in the Wollemi National Park is said to be a secret. But you can nevertheless buy your very own Wollemi pine from here.

*According to Alta Vista that means: The Wollemi pine: the dino under the trees.


umit said...

Are pines animals? The pine is quite unusual for animal phenotypy. I was rather concentrated on other 'animals' and not glad missing this one.

Snail said...

So many Wollemi pines are available for sale at nurseries over here that we're wondering whether it'll become a pest species ...