07 July 2007

A zeppelin above my house



Duane said...

Is it a zeppelin or a blimp? I think there is a difference.


I know, I know, but the word zeppelin has more umpf to it than does blimp. That may be because of its association with the well-known rock group. Then again maybe it's the other way around. You know, who would call a group "Led Blimp"?

burning silo said...

I suppose the sight of a zeppelin over your house might not be that uncommon. If one flew over my house, it would probably signal some type of invasion. However, some years ago, it was a trendy thing to go for a hot air balloon ride (that seems to have died out). In summer, several tour operators would fly over our farm each weekend. If I had a dime for every time someone shouted, "Hey! Hey! Look up here! Look up here!!!!" at myself or my goats or horses, I'd be quite well off now.

Deniz said...

dear burning silo,
I'd be more likely to shout "look over there!" at your goats and horses :-)
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