27 August 2007

Google meme

This is from bootstrap analysis. Here is how you do it: do a Google search using your first name and the following verbs, then copy the best five "answers" Google returns on the first few pages.

Aydin needs
another testimonial because he's so amazing
his mom to be happy
a small lesson in Ugaritic
to go to bed for the night
to improve data

Aydin likes
to cook weird sausages using other people's alcohol
barbarous images on tombs
Maggie Smith
to hide our future behind his coat tails of greed and stupidity
sticking his feet way out as far as he can

Aydin is
one of Turkey's Ministers of State
one of the nicest most genuine people I know
accused of having made a visit to Belgium
a province of southwestern Turkey, located in the Aegean Region

Aydin wants
it as much as you did
to kidnap Chris Cornell
the secular state to remain
to offer better service to his customers
to engage in a polemic with the tradition from a naturalistic angle

Aydin gets
a real orange
puzzled as he opens the veil
an $8.8 million Production Contract
back in time to catch the ball

Aydin says
Hello its long time I didn't hear from you sweet sugar
What the hell?
November 1st, 2006 at 6:41 pm.
Fuck you, Calvin
Eee yuh yani

I am adding 1 more:

Aydin has
won top prizes at The Maria Callas Grand Prix in Athens
written a fascinating book of exceptional scholarly quality
additional interests
a population of approx. 150,000
89 rooms


deniz said...

You got some good ones! So, why d'you want to kidnap Chris Cornell? For a private concert?

Deniz needs:
(that was the only one that made sense grammatically!)

Deniz likes:
to turn it on or turn it off
to eat and sleep
to deal with politics, literature, cooking, wine&dine etc
eating scorpions
to go to the office in the morning and visit shows later

Deniz is:
a picturesque resort area
adorable, one of the most beautiful baby model in the industry
so aka
on a distinguished road

Deniz wants to:
carry my camera with me everywhere
buy some of the 21 billion cubic meters (bcm) of natural gas from Azerbaijan
purchase the ideal holiday home
make it possible
read it every single night

Deniz gets:
party supply started
life sentence
busy at night
stronger and the party starts

Deniz says:
by the way I don't think she's a mouth breather
if u can not find try Deniz Aydin
is the EU going to grant entry to Turkey with this sort of s*** going on?

Deniz has:
recorded an album with Wayne Kramer
been producing about 8.5 million cubic meters of gas a day and about 25000 barrels/day of condensate
worked with David Weyer on some abstract experimental electronic music
been dancing since 1997
a real gr8 heart she is so kind
dedicated salvage equipment ready for immediate mobilisation

(word verification:fgftqwx)


If I knew who Chris Cornell was, I'd tell you why I would want to kidnap him.

Vasha said...

Oh, this is so fun. I hope you don't mind me posting my results too. Like you guys, I have a name that is uncommon among English-speakers, so I didn't even get five results in some cases.

Levana needs:
a visa to fix soup
to see this
to find sumone who she has more things in common with

Levana likes:

Levana is:
still one of the leading kosher restaurants
peculiarly characterised by that union of qualities called in England — "German."
an environmental sculpture that sits atop a small hill
irked that some ugly girl is going to be playing her in the movie
an all-around bad-ass

Levana wants:
you to know

Levana gets:

Levana says:
I'm being tracked down by creeps...
To insure modesty I would advise the educating of the sexes together.
It's written in Japanese
Does the Rabbi have as good taste in NUN kosher women as his wife has in non kosher food?
Wrong song dumbsh**

Levana has:
entered into dialogue with the gangsters in the area
a dog named Zeb
been abducted for being Australian.
a slightly sour taste
two seasonal phenotypes so different that Linnaeus classified them as two different species

deniz said...

He was the lead singer of Soundgarden and Audioslave. Not sure what he's up to now...
(word verification: ycmezkws)


Well, in that case, yes, I suppose I could kidnap him for a private concert. Afterwards, I'd take him out to dinner & then let him go.

xoggoth said...

xoggoth is about two kilometres wide and comprised mostly of ice and rock

Good game!

Roger B. said...

Roger needs a slap in the face!
Roger needs to be with a family who has a large yard.
Roger needs to decide what to do with half a million angry barbarians.
Roger needs quiet.
Roger needs help.

Brenda said...

Fun! Most of the ones I found were pretty long. I hope they don't take up too much space!

Brenda needs...
a makeover.
her own show!
to stabilize those emotions with a little Zoloft or something.
the uplifting support of her wacky Village pals.

Brenda is...
a young girl who lives in a ghetto and obviously has little hope in life.
a very welcome site to travelers along Hwy 60.
going to eat you.
the mother of 14 children.
the main collection of enzyme functional data available to the scientific community.

Brenda likes...
to share the fruits of her garden with her neighbors
Big Boulders.
Burger Bubba.
the guys who can't run away from her.

Brenda wants...
assurance that she won't get shot and die.
equal pay for equal work.
to share an apple pie with Susan.
to study marine biology because of her fascination for the ocean.

Brenda gets...
robbed at the Peach Pit and has post-traumatic stress
to turn the tables and take the Christian family to an atheist meeting.
Whaley to admit that he poisoned them so he could keep things on schedule.
deflowered by Dylan in a hotel room after the prom.
a hug from Red Sox mascot Wally the Green Monster.

Brenda says...
the procedure involves a liquidy product that changes the bonds in the hair.
her love for acting came from having to make her own fun as a kid.
"I feel that hospitality sales in an academic setting is invigorating!"
"I looked around and thought what a shame it was that 'real' bookstores were getting lost in the shuffle."
"Would you like to feel a real brain?"

Brenda has...
now become a passionate crusader, a mom on a mission to stop school bullying.
an extraordinary talent with her jumprope, which she calls "Ropey".
premiered many works of new music and performs frequently as a soloist.
always been full of surprises.
a way of changing things for the better.


Eat one of your children, Brenda!