06 August 2007

The survivor survives

Back in April I wrote about a rather pathetic looking, aphid-infested milkweed plant that I had rescued in the autumn before the freezing temperatures came. Towards the end of April, I transplanted it in the backyard. It has since recovered and is now blooming.


It is a good thing I saved this particular plant, because there are no other milkweeds growing in our yard this year. So this one is the last of its lineage. Hopefully, it will produce some seed pods before the winter comes.

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pascal said...

That gives me an idea for the next CotS. We have dozens of swamp milkweed plants in our garden, and so far we have seen more than three dozen monarch caterpillars grazing on them. We've only hatched a handful of those, but since we're just letting things happen, that's not too bad I think.