17 September 2007

Land snails of Turkey: Paramastus spratti


The land snail Paramastus spratti, endemic to south-central Turkey, is in the family Enidae. Unlike some other endemic enids, however, this one is somewhat rare and is known only from a few spots.

Adult shells are about 20 mm in height. In the lot of 138 shells that I was measuring the other week, there were only 2-and this was one of them-that still had their yellowish brown periostracum. Most empty shells one is likely to encounter are chalk-white like the one pictured below.


This picture shows the columella of P. spratti in the shell's body whorl. Some enid species, especially those that develop a lamella on their columella that is visible in the aperture, have a twist in their columella within the body whorl. Paramastus spratti, which lacks any prominent lamellae or "teeth" in its aperture, has a straight columella.

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Karan said...

are you a slug expert???im an animal lover with a keen interest in snakes


I know a little bit about slugs, but I wouldn't call myself an expert.

Karan said...

wel any kinda wildlife interests me n from a few dys ive only been readin ur articles...gr8 work///

angus hanton said...

I liked this article and was struck by the comment on land snails' colour. I have read an article explaining how local adaptation means that snails in woodlands develop different colourings from snails elsewhere. The article is at:
for snails,

John said...

I saw a (Papilio troilus)caterpillar outside a garden centre in Gloucestershire, England. It was green though and twitched when you approached.