24 September 2007

Nu kar*

stop leak
Ever since our 1988 Toyota reached its 150,000th mile in July, we've been pondering and at the same dragging our feet about buying a new car. When late Saturday afternoon the Toyota suddenly developed a radiator leak and started dripping some green fluorescent fluid all over the driveway, I decided that it was time to pull the plug. My neighbor tried to persuade me that I could probably get the radiator fixed for about "150 bucks". But I countered him that soon something else would break. He then suggested something called Bar's Leaks brand "Liquid Aluminum Radiator Stop Leak" to repair the leak in the radiator temporarily-at least until I drove the car to a car dealer. So I got a bottle of Bar's Leaks brand "Liquid Aluminum Radiator Stop Leak", shook it hard, emptied it into the radiator and the leak miraculously stopped (Saint Che loves me!).

Sunday morning I drove to the nearest Toyota dealer and bought a brand new 2008 Toyota Yaris. Color? Bayou Blue.


We saved nickels, we saved dimes, we worked till the sun don't shine and bought a bayou blue car. That would make a good song, wouldn't it?

The folks at Toyota must like the late great Roy Orbison.

In case you are wondering, the Toyota dealer gave me $50 for my old car. If I had told them about the radiator, they probably would have charged me a disposal fee.

*New English


Duane said...

Nice. Have fun!

budak said...

awesome song! first time hearing it in full,

The Snailwatcher said...

You do know you can repair a leak in the radiator with an egg don't you?For the price of that new yaris you could've bought an enormous amount of eggs..but.....nice car

xoggoth said...

My old vans have always gone to the scrap heap. Mind you, I would never sully my reputation for meanness by buying a new car. I would have put that $50 as a down payment on something for $500.

eylon said...

If you sent the old one to me (in Israel), I would have given you a hundred.


I think it would have cost me >$100 to ship a car to Israel!