08 September 2007

O arm of St. Anthony...

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Many relics have been recognised as fake, such as the arm of St Anthony of Padua, which turned out to be a stag's penis on examination.
Antonio Lombatti, quoted at news@nature.com


Kevin Z said...

I had this strange unnerving desire to go to your blog for some reason. It was like a calling... I don't know what it was, divine intervention?


No, penile intervention. It's a powerful relic.

xoggoth said...

Buck up Mr Snails, we at bloggoth really like your blog and always read it. If we do not comment on all posts, it is just that we think our comments are viewed AS RATHER SILLY. (It is an unfortunate genetic defect we suffer from)

Brenda said...

I'm not sure which is harder to believe...
that people would believe someone could have an arm the size of a stag's penis
that someone would actually resort to dismembering some poor deer in an effort to trick people.

I've been passing your URL along.