20 September 2007

Scientific quotes to get us thru the nite I

Evolution summarized
A totally blind process can by definition lead to anything; it can even lead to vision itself.
Jacques Monod, Chance & Necessity, 1972

What you can do with ANOVA
Once it is understood, analysis of variance is a tool that can provide an insight into the nature of variation of natural events, into Nature in short, which is possibly of even greater value than the knowledge of the method as such.
R.R. Sokal & F.J. Rohlf, Biometry, 3rd ed. 1995

Why I am always right
I feel that scientific creativity is rooted in the inner tension, within one and the same person, of knowing that he or she is right and knowing that that conviction has to be proven to the satisfaction of others-in a journal article.
Roald Hoffmann, The Same and not the Same, 1995

So much for poetry
Through a poet's eyes, we see the superficialities of events...But through a scientist's eyes, we penetrate the surface and see the spirit within.
Peter Atkins, Galileo's Finger, 2003

Entropy of birding
Science, it has been said, begins in observation. The best way to become acquainted with birds, for example, is to look at some birds. A good way to become acquainted with entropy is to look at some entropies.
Henry A. Bent, The Second Law, 1965


Snail said...

That fourth quote is wonderful! Some of our students have come to the same conclusion and it's great to hear them talk about it.

Viridis said...

Hi, I've just come across your blog and though I'm more of a palaeontology afficando, I find myself really wanting to learn more about snails. But I really have no idea where to start. Do you have any book or website recommendations for a non-expert on snails?

Thanks for reading.


Here is a list of some books about snails.