27 September 2007

Snail's Tales' sister niece blog

Deniz The Niece who is my niece now has her own blog, The Girdle of Melian. Deniz has been an occasional commenter on Snail's Tales and this post featured a picture of her that I had taken during a snail collecting and sight seeing trip the 2 of us had taken thru some cemeteries and winding streets lined with old houses in Istanbul in 2002.

Deniz lives in Montreal with one husband, 2 cats and several thousand books. She knows English, French, Turkish and probably some other auxiliary languages. Deniz, unlike me, is a native English speaker (she moved to Canada from Turkey before she uttered a single meaningful word) and so naturally is the person I frequently turn to (via e-mail) when I am stuck with a poorly constructed sentence.

A week from now I will be in Montreal for an extended weekend and hopefully will get together with her and the rest of the family.

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Deniz Bevan said...

Here's a link to a contest you might have some neat ideas for...
yay, cross-posting! :-)
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