23 September 2007

A Sunday story: creation of a god

O Saint Che, send more visitors to this blog. Amen.

On 9 October of this year, it will be 40 years since the Marxist revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara was killed in La Higuera, Bolivia. The Guardian reports that in the Bolivian town of Vallegrande, where Che's body was displayed, he has achieved the status of a deity:

"In this region, images of Che hang next to images of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Pope John Paul II and Bolivia's President Evo Morales. Stories of miracles have mushroomed."

Susana Osinaga, a nurse who cleaned Guevara's body, claims that Che "is very miraculous." But it isn't just the old timers who worship him. This is what the 27-year old Freddy Vallejos had to say:

"We have a faith, a confidence in Che. When I go to bed and when I wake up, I first pray to God and then I pray to Che - and then, everything is all right."

This is a fine example of how saints, deities, gods and religions, for that matter, have always been created. Under slightly different circumstances, Che could have turned into a major god with his own holy book easily replacing all other gods that came before him.

Who is to claim in his sane mind that this is not how it happened after some guy was supposedly crucified 2000 years ago?

The corollary to this story is that all gods are false; all gods are figments of their believers' imaginations.


Photograph of Che from here.


Brenda said...

How long before Reagan is deified, I wonder?

O. B. Sirius said...

"O Saint Che, send more visitors to this blog. Amen"
I woke up this morning and felt an irresistable urge to visit your blog. Hmmm.....

Frank Anderson said...

...all gods are false; all gods are figments of their believers' imaginations

Or all gods are true and there really is a celestial teapot. There is certainly no reason I can think of to accept one god and not all the others.

My personal view is that the universe may be completely overrun with gods, spirits, demons and bogeymen of all stripes...which I will ignore until their activities begin to impinge on reality.

O. B. Sirius said...

Of course there is a celestial teapot. Most people call it the constellation Sagittarius.

Don't forget the IPU and the FSM! (the links are at the end of the celestial teapot page).
Pirate ZoAnn

Lori said...

I have felt that extreme fans have been turning Elvis into a deity. I believe some people have claimed healings from him.

Brenda said...

Or maybe each of us is a deity to the universe within our minds.

Bryan said...

Che is a fucking mass murderer and commie!

icetrout said...

Che.che who???Oh che che's I remember that place it had the fried ice cream :p