27 September 2007

We apologize for any inconvenience...

It has come to my attention that prospective readers attempting to download my 2 chapters from the Mollusks book, the availability of which was announced in this post, have been getting the following error message from Earthlink:

Sorry...Page Temporarily Unavailable
The Web page or file that you requested is temporarily unavailable. It has been so popular this month that it exceeded its free monthly traffic allotment. Access to this Web site will be restored on the first of next month. Please come back then.

The very same problem is also making the photographs in my older posts unavailable. I am trying to remedy the situation by moving the photographs to my Flickr page. However, that is easier said than done, for not only do I have to move the pictures, but I also have to copy and paste a new link for each one and then republish each post. But all the photographs will be restored eventually.

I have no other place to move the book chapters. So, if you want to download them, please try again in October. We thank you for your readership.

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