25 October 2007

5 unique statements meme

This is my variation of the Google meme that I saw at Abnormal Interests. In the original version, you list 5 statements for each of which a Google search returns your blog as the number one hit.

In my version, you list 5 statements each of which according to Google exists only in a post on your blog but nowhere else on the entire Internet (the occurrences of the same statements in links to your post are acceptable). Try to come up with interesting statements.

Here is my selection of 5 statements unique to this blog as of today.

larvae are mostly aquatic and feed on small children

even crap can become interesting, believe it or not

one needs to cut open the penis

The bishops are insane

Ricketts' nonteleology

1 comment:

Duane said...

Interesting adaptation! I'll see how (or if) this works for me.