28 October 2007

Gas mileage of Toyota Yaris

On my return trip from Pittsburgh today with my new 2008 Toyota Yaris I covered 225 miles with a half a tank of gas (5.55 gallons). That averages out to 40.5 miles per gallon.

My average speed for the entire trip, including some city driving and a 10-min stop, was 60 m/h. The sticker that came with the car gives the average highway gas mileage as 35 mpg with a range of 29 to 41 mpg. According to the U.S. government figures, the average highway gas mileage for the 2007 Yaris is 36 mpg.


vanessa cardui said...

I believe the Yaris is the Echo, reincarnated. I own a '01 Echo, which Toyota discontinued because it was too ugly to sell. It gets similar highway mileage; I have enjoyed that car and now it is being driven by my daughter. She thinks it's cute, but the fact that it's free could have influenced her opinion.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty good milage. Hope you get similar milage when the airconditioner is on next summer.

xoggoth said...

Ah Pittsboig, the only place in the US I have ever been.

chance said...

You are correct, the Yaris is basically the Echo redesigned.

I get about 39-40 mpg highway in my 07 Yaris, although I've noticed big differences depending on how I'm driving that morning. Plus I'm mainly in city traffic, lowering it even further. Still, 35 mpg isn't bad at all nowadays.

Anonymous said...

i only get 30-32 in city and about 35 on highway with my Yaris S. any solutions on how to raise that up to the 35-39 range as advertised? i live in miami so it's always hot and A/C is blasting. maybe that affects it.


Sorry, I don't have any advice to offer. I didn't do anything special, just got in the car & drove. But as you are suspecting, the AC may be to blame in your case. Turn off the AC on a cooler day & measure the gas mileage again.

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Anonymous said...

Might spent $149.99 to get a ScanGuage II from Amzon to tune your driving habit for better MPG.

I got a 2008 Yaris Sedan and by doing that, I improved my average MPG (city and highway mixed, about 30%/70%) from 34MPG to 40MPG. Depending on how much you drive each year, probably you can recover cost of ScanGuage II in no time. -:)