12 October 2007

Off to Chincoteague

Yet another weekend trip! Later today I will leave with my son for the town of Chincoteague on the east coast. We will come down from the north of DC and follow the red route, about 200 miles, to our destination.


We will first stop at the Assateague Island National Seashore, about 30 miles north of Chincoteague, and spend some time with my friend ZoAnn who has been camping there since the beginning of the week. Zo writes O. B. Sirius: A Not-So Serious Sort of Blog and has already put up some pictures of the famous feral horses of that area.

We will probably spend most of Saturday and Sunday morning at the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge where we will watch and photograph the wildlife, including the snails-there are some great tidal mud flats there. We may even take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean.

The return trip home will be Sunday afternoon. Regular postings will resume probably on Monday.

Be good while I am gone.

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