26 October 2007

Off to Pittsburgh


Another weekend trip. Later today I will leave for Pittsburgh 215 miles away, according to Google Maps. I will drive the nu kar. Let's see how she will perform on the highway.

I have my 15-min talk ready for the first OVUM meeting tomorrow; the flash drive with the PowerPoint presentation has already been packed. I also have a looong box of cheap Belgian chocolates shaped like seashells; in fact, the box is almost as long as Marissa-Cat, tail included. I saw it in a local store yesterday and thought it would be perfect to take to a mollusk meeting for everyone to enjoy. I hope they are half decent.

belgian chocolate

I will return on Sunday. The next post will be either Sunday nite or on Monday.

Be good while I am gone.


The Snailwatcher said...

Good luck,don't worry about those chocolates:they are excellent.....

Snail said...

Have fun!

Here's a question for when you get back. Do you know what species of snail might be aestivating in plain view on vertical surfaces (plant stems, leaves, walls) in Tunisia?


The chocolates were indeed not bad.

Tunisia? How would I know? But I'd guess hygromiids, maybe? Cernuella virgata aestivates on plant stems.