27 November 2007

Busy day at work

At the office they are putting together some sort of "winter wonderland" decor for an upcoming holiday party. These things are always a big deal, people get all excited, but I try to stay out of the commotion. Today, however, my division director approached me with a new "assignment": They need some tree branches for the setup they are putting together. I want you to go out and get some material for them. You go out on walks everyday, so you probably know where to find that sort of stuff.

Finally, an official sanction to prowl in the woods during work hours!

I asked a coworker to join me and the 2 of us went into a nearby wooded lot to gather tree branches. On our way back with our loot, we ran into the office director who offered her approval: I am not going to ask which private or government property you got those from, but they look nice.

Here is what we collected today.


Later they told me that they didn't have enough. If you need me tomorrow, I'll be in the woods.


O. B. Sirius said...

Hard to believe that anyone would not know where to get tree branches! You did an admirable job. As tree branches go, these are close to perfect. Their dendriticy (I think I made up that form of the word) and woodyness (maybe that one too) is superb!!!

Anonymous said...

your tax dollars at work...