09 November 2007

Mystery objects on the office window - Part 2


The unidentified things on my office window that I first noticed 3 days ago and wrote about in this post were still there today. In anticipation, I had brought my Olympus E-500 with me and was able to take better pictures.

Here is a close-up.


And another one.


I still can't tell what on earth they are. Could they, as the reader xoggoth commented after the previous post, instead be from outer space? Seeds of extraterrestrials developing on my office window? That's a good enough excuse to stay at home for a few days.


Anonymous said...

Ha! They're miniature pop tarts just the way my grandma used to make. I'm not entirely certain about the filling though - one single blackberry seed maybe?
They look just right - not overbaked.

John said...

They look like some kind of seeds to me. I wonder if there are any that have adhesive qualities like these.

Wanderin' Weeta said...

Can you get outside and take a sample? Or are you on the umpteenth floor with eternally-locked windows?

If you are, can you prevent window-washers from taking them off before they hatch in the spring?

They look like moth eggs to me. But to be sure, you'll just have to get a sample. Or monitor the hatching.


I am on the 2nd floor and the windows are sealed. All I can do is monitor them.

Choy Jian Ning said...

i had those on my classroom window! they might be butterfly eggs or moth eggs or creature eggs. watch them for about 7 days since they first appeared. i kept those eggs and they became tiger moths. but i'm from singapore so i dont know for sure what those blobs are. (:

Deniz Bevan said...

what happened to them?


They are still there & look the same.