06 November 2007

Mystery objects on the office window


One of the first things I did when I got to my office this morning was pull the blinds up. And then when I looked out at the sky I noticed this small cluster of objects stuck on the outside of the glass. I took out the small digital camera I keep in my office, closed the door to avoid attracting the attention of coworkers, climbed on top of a set of drawers and while balancing myself in an awkward position, took these pictures.


What are these things? Pollen? Arthropod eggs? The blurry ruler visible at the righthand corner of the top picture is in millimeters. These objects were ~0.5 mm in diameter. It had rained during the nite, so pollen would have been washed away. Plus, wind-blown pollen wouldn't travel in a tight cluster like that, would it? I am assuming they are some eggs stuck on the glass.


Snail said...

They look like moth eggs to me. Mind you, many things look like moth eggs to me, so that might not be much help.

O. B. Sirius said...

My first thought was beer nuts. Guess I'm not going to be much help, either!

xoggoth said...

Are they still there? If eggs, presumably they will show signs of life soon. More transparent ones at top do look as if have tiny creatures inside. Alien lifeforms from a passing meteorite is my guess.