29 November 2007

Posting pictures

Katie at the Katzmeow writes about an incident involving a Turkish newspaper that downloaded a photo from a Turkish photographer's web page and used it without permission or compensation.

The downside of posting on the Web the pictures you took is that there is always a possibility that some unscrupulous publisher will use them without permission or licensing. If something like that happens, you can always take legal action against the publisher if you have time to pursue it and money to pay the lawyers. If the publisher is in a foreign country and has no business in the U.S., it would even be more difficult to deal with them legally (or illegally).

I use the JPG format for the pictures I post on this blog and compress them quite a bit to lower their printing quality without making them look too ugly. The idea is to make them unattractive to publishers.

Respectable publishers take the honest way and look for licensing rights before using a photo that is not theirs. I have so far sold 2 of my photos that were first published on this blog (here and here). That is the upside of using your blog to publicize your work.

On occasion, other bloggers have downloaded pictures from here to use on their blogs. In all instances that I am aware of my name was associated with the picture posted on another site. Some bloggers even notified me that they were using a photo of mine on their blogs.

Just like everything else we do in life, posting pictures has its risks and benefits.

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