02 November 2007

What is this bird?


Here is another bird from last month's trip to the Chincoteague area. The funny thing is, I don't remember photographing this particular bird. But it was in the folder of pictures from Chincoteague and the dates match. So, it must be from there.

I spent a half an hour going back and forth between the list of species recorded from Chincoteague and the pictures in my bird books, but for the life of me, I can't identify it. It is probably called yellow-legged black-breasted lesser piper/plover or something along those lines*. Once again, so much for my birding talents.

You people were so good at identifying the distant cormorants in the previous unidentified bird post. This one should be a piece o' cake for the experienced birders out there. Thanks.

*About 10 years ago I was at a meeting in Minnesota. One day I went on a jog with another guy. While we were running this bird flew across the road. I said "Look at that blackbird with red wings. What's it called?" My companion said "That's a red-winged blackbird." So there you have it.


Christopher Taylor said...

With the caveat that I'd have absolutely no chance of knowing much about the American avifauna, my guess would be a turnstone (Arenaria sp.)

Harry said...

With the same caveat about American birds, my immediate reaction was also [Ruddy] Turnstone.

John said...

It is a Ruddy Turnstone. In winter plumage they lose a lot of their ruddiness, but they keep the black semicircular bib. They are pretty common along the coast in fall and winter.