20 December 2007

Beaver's unfinished business


Late this afternoon, while exploring the park near my house I came to a spot where there were several trees beavers had worked on and then left without felling. The tree in the picture was the most precarious one. And I was standing under it, taking pictures.

This is the area where where there is always some evidence of beaver activity and where I photographed beaver dams before and wrote about them in this and this and this post.

Not far from the tree that will come down during the next big storm, I saw a beaver dam across the creek.



Anonymous said...

Never mind your peer review hat, where was your hard hat? OSHA may cite you for being in a contruction area without a hard hat.

xoggoth said...

It looks like the beaver gnaws evenly all the way round, surely that makes the direction of fall pretty random? Hasn't anyone told these beavers how to fell a tree properly?

The intelligence of some rodents is vastly overestimated. I stopped the squirrels pulling our bird feeder off by putting a small padlock from an xmas cracker on it. It still hasn't figured out how to pick the lock!


If a tree is completely straight & if there is no strong wind, I suppose the direction of fall will be more or less random. But most trees lean one way or the other or may have larger branches on one side & consequentyl, will probably fall in a pre-determined direction, although I doubt the beavers can guess that direction.

Anonymous said...

I have seen beavers but usually early in the morning. As soon as they are aware of your presence they dive and do not reappear. I think they may be mostly nocturnal diners. Has anyone ever seen or read of a beaver being crushed by a tree they were felling? Maybe they are "smarter than we think they are?


Once I read in a book review that the author of the book being reviewed had seen a beaver crushed by the tree it had felled. I remember neither the author's name nor the book's, though.