31 December 2007

Monocacy Aqueduct


One the last day of the year my son and I visited the Monocacy Aqueduct about a 30-min drive from our house. The Monocacy Aqueduct, the largest one on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, crosses the Monocacy River just before it empties into the Potomac River.


In the mid-1800s, during the C&O Canal's heyday, the canal that traverses the aqueduct was filled with water and enabled the boats travelling in the C&O Canal to cross across the Monocacy River.

Photograph of a display near the Monocacy Aqueduct.

The aqueduct was completed in 1833. During the Civil War, the Confederates attempted but failed to destroy it. It was restored in the early 2000s and rededicated in May 2005. What appears to be the original marker stone displaying the names of the prominent people involved in its construction is still erect.


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O. B. Sirius said...

Thanks for this post! The Monocacy Aquaduct was my first C & O Canal experience -- a friend and I stumbled on it by accident, and I was hooked on the Canal after that.

While not about the Aquaduct itself, there is an early film that Thomas Edison made that is about traveling the canal. It is downloadable at