01 January 2008

Top 10 nature moments of 2007

A meme that started out at Earth, Wind & Water and came to my attention at A DC Birding Blog.

1. My topmost nature moment in 2007 was watching and photographing the entire mating process of a pair of Limax maximus in my backyard last summer. I still haven't posted the pictures here, though.

2. Two incidents both involving the climbing habits of isopods, in one case up the bird bath in my backyard and in the other up the wet trees in Antwerp, kindled my currently developing interest in those creatures.

3. Getting bitten by a mantid!

4. Observing the 3rd eye of Cerithidea scalariformis.

5. Witnessing the gruesome, but all natural demise of the caterpillar that had been munching on my tomato plants.

6. Late one nite in Antwerp last July, we were walking thru a park, I turned on my flashlight and there were slugs all around us.

7. Discovering a large cache of empty snail shells at a location not too far from where I work. Eventually, I ended up collecting more than 300 of them some with traces of graffiti paint.

8. Discovering a frog mummy on a sidewalk.

9. Getting acquainted with the tidal flat snail Ilyanassa obsoleta in Chincoteague. Expect more posts about them.

10. You can take me away from nature, but you can't take nature away from me unless you have a pair of tweezers.


John said...

Great nature moments!

Katie said...

Good one. I especially like number 10. So true. Nature for has such restorative powers and seems to make everything in the world "right" for a brief time.