23 February 2008

Intelligent design repackaged

James Randerson of the Guardian has a 4-minute interview with Ken Miller available on podcast. They discuss design in evolution and the current state of intelligent design creationism.

So, it's a classic case of relabeling. Just as scientific creationism was relabeled intelligent design, intelligent design today in the U.S. has been relabeled as a critical analysis of evolutionary theory.

Ken Miller


Dave Coulter said...

Ugh. What a headache.

Creation myths are metaphor, not science. They both have the potential to enrich the human experience - but we don't use the daily horoscopes to launch our rockets do we?

By the way, I'd recommend Karen Armstrong's book "A Short History of Myth" (or almost anything else she writes)


Dave, thanks for the book recommendation. I'll check it out.