18 February 2008

Snail's Sprookje? Ja!

This morning I noticed in StatCounter that someone had translated this post from 2005 about vestigial shells of slugs into Dutch (I think) using Google. Here is the link to the translated page.


But why is it Snail's Sprookje? Isn't there a word for snail in Dutch?


O. B. Sirius said...

And the subheading shows both snails and slugs to be "slakken." Google translator says the singular is slak and the plural is slakken. Seems like the title should be "Slakken Sprookje" but it's all Dutch to me.

vanessa cardui said...

I love that snails are slakken; often language is just so . . . descriptive.

coyote said...

I'll bet the possessive threw off the translator. I've noticed that with English-to-Latin on-line translators; if I give it a phrase like "cat's whiskers," it won't translate "cat's."

Hey, you get what you pay for.


Henk Mienis (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) who is a native Dutch speaker & who also knows his slugs & snails e-mailed this clarification:

"snail = slak
snails = slakken
slug = naaktslak i.e. naakt is naked or nude
slugs = naaktslakken"

So it looks like Google didn't do a good job in this case.