17 February 2008

Sunday afternoon's beer review: Morocco Ale from England


A dark, smooth ale with a pleasant fruity aroma that I liked immediately. What is imparting that familiar yet "mysterious" aroma? It may be hops, but this is certainly not an India Pale Ale. I guess we will never know, unless we break into Levens Hall to steal the 300-year old secret recipe said to be kept there.

This beer has apparently nothing to do with its namesake country. According to the label and also the web page, the name Morocco may have been "associated with the dark Moors who came to the court when Catherine of Braganza married Charles II and brought Tangiers as part of her dowry." A dark beer named after "dark Moors", eh?

It comes in a larger than usual 500-ml bottle. At an alcohol content of 5.5%, one bottle gives you 27.5 ml of pure ethanol. Enough to add a few more healthy days to your life? Maybe.


Previous beer review was J.K. Scrumpy's Hard Cider.


O. B. Sirius said...

Cheers!! I'll wait until noon (it's the civilized thing to do, no?), then raise a glass of Rising Moon Spring Ale (amber wheat ale with kiefer lime) to you, Craig, and Winston!


Oooh, I love wheat ales! Bring some for us next time you are heading up north.

Dave Coulter said...

News I can use! Looks like good stuff. I'll have to track it down!