13 March 2008

Bag o' books


I mentioned in this post that one of my favorite bookstores is the NHBS Environment Bookstore over in the UK across the Atlantic. About a month ago an e-mail from them announced a huge sale. Despite the shipping cost and despite the depressingly low value of the dollar these days, I calculated that NHBS's total would still be less than what I would pay Amazon in the U.S. for the same books, despite the fact that Amazon doesn't charge for shipping for orders above $25; the NHBS's sale prices were that low. I already have a backlog of books to read, but how can I resist such a deal?

So I ordered 3 books: A History of the Ecosystem Concept in Ecology by F.B. Golley, The Insects: An Outline of Entomology by P.J. Gullan & P.S. Cranston and John A. Endler's classic Natural Selection in the Wild.


The books came today in a sealed box that was inside a blue bag large enough to smuggle 3 cats across the U.S.-Canadian border. Now I am wondering what to do with the bag.



Deniz Bevan said...

why, we can use the bag to ship books back and forth to each other :-)

vanessa cardui said...

well, use the bag when shopping for groceries and such to prove how green you are; or blue.

Dave Coulter said...

Nice haul! I gotta check their website again.

BTW, your cat looks a lot like one I had when I was a kid...see if he/she answers to "Oscar", lol...


She answers to Marissa!