22 March 2008

Snail blogging from Florida

My son and I arrived in Tampa, Florida this afternoon for 5 days of fun and snailing. We were greeted by a rain storm that, luckily, ended a few hours later. So we went out for an early evening walk in the neighborhood to scout for snails.

The first species we saw was the extremely common Polygyra cereolus, a Florida native that has been distributed all over the place by human activities. Several of them were crawling on the undersides of pieces of bark that had falled from palm trees.


Later on a sidewalk, several individuals of Bradybaena similaris crossed our path. They too are widespread, but unlike the former species, they are not native to the U.S. and were introduced from Asia.


We will spend most of the day at the beach tomorrow. Hopefully, there will be opportunities to collect some good data.


JasonR said...

Waves to Aydin from 60 miles south. Didn't know you'd be in Florida.

Anonymous said...


i hope you enjoy your trip:

Nice asian tramp snail: One of four color morphs: unbanded brown...

Thanks again for your help with the id for mine.