25 March 2008

Flying saucers explained

Our rental car parked by Dairy Rich.

During our trips back home from the beach here in Florida, a dumpy roadside eatery called Dairy Rich has become a mandatory stop. That's where we fulfill our daily recommended ice cream requirement. There are hardly ever other customers (I wonder why), but the usual "staff" of one young girl is quite pleasant.


While we were enjoying our ice cream today, I was reading their menu displayed on the outside wall. One item attracted my attention: Flying Saucer with the rather odd price of $1.51 each. I went over to the window and inquired about it.

Me: What's the flying saucer?
Girl: We don't make them anymore.
Me: What was it?
Girl (smiling): I have no idea.
(The guy in the back says something to her.)
Girl: Oh, it was like an ice cream sandwich.

I may ask about the frozen banana tomorrow.


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