23 March 2008

Hermit crab blogging from Florida


The life lines of 2 hermit crabs intersected with ours at the beach today. My son found both. After they reluctantly posed for me, I returned them to the incoming tide.

If I am not mistaken, the one above was occupying a Melongena corona shell. The other one was a big, hairy, mean-looking guy (or a gal), but it would rather stay in the safety of its shell than come out and crawl across the sand. I believe the 10-cm long shell it had adopted was a tulip shell (Fasciolaria sp.).


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O. B. Sirius said...

I love finding hermit crabs! (My latest is here). I usually pick them up, which they don't seem to care for, and on more than one occasion have been pinched by their claws -- and, yes, it hurts. Once, one came totally out of the shell (his idea, not mine). They look rather pathetic when they are all pink and naked. I think he was too large for his current home, and needed to find a new one -- I was just the Crabby Realtor that gave him that incentive to move out.