24 March 2008

Isopod blogging from Florida

Every animal phylum with terrestrial representatives seem to have a few species that have not moved very far from their ancestral homes. Their evolution stopped, at least for now, at the edge of the water; although they are terrestrial animals, they can't live very far from the oceans. And why should they? Beaches, mangrove forests, rocky coasts could be pretty good places to spend one's live at, if you ask me.

There are many terrestrial isopod species that live near the sea. Those are the species I don't get to find in Maryland. So, whenever I get a chance here in Florida, I am looking for isopods. Several species have turned up so far. Here is one that came from under some piles of seaweed at the high-tide mark at one of the beaches.


Here is another species from a different habitat. These were in leaf litter among the roots of a tree growing just a few meters away from a lagoon at a local park.


Species identifications will have to wait until I get back home.

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Dave Coulter said...

Cool. Now I have to google "isopod", lol....