27 March 2008

Otala lactea in Pass-a-Grille

The edible European land snail Otala lactea was introduced to Pass-a-Grille, the southern tip of an ex-island just outside of the Tampa Bay in Florida that is now connected to the mainland by a bridge. Yesterday, we found a bunch of them alongside a wall behind the beach in Pass-a-Grille.


The snails live on sand, which doesn't retain any water on the surface even in areas where the meager ground cover provides some shade. During dry weather both the juvenile and adult O. lactea aestivate on stems and blades of grass.


Later at a nearby restaurant, we noticed that the menu featured escargot. Perhaps, the chef has discovered the ideal solution to control the population of one non-native species.



coyote said...

My husband and I see hundreds of Otala lactea here in our part of the San Francisco Bay Area.

They are profuse in the Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge that rings the southern shores of the Bay, living near estuaries and along the shores of decommissioned salt evaporation ponds being converted back to tidal marshes.

During our hot dry summers, we see them in huge clusters on boulders, tree branches and fenceposts as well as in tall grasses, piled up atop each other, estivating together.

In cooler, wetter weather we see them crawling about. They have striking black bodies that contrast with their pale shells.

Geoff Dellow said...

Lovely site with many interesting kinks!


furnessphilosophy.blogspot.com where I shall be putting up your mating Slugs - Topic "Love"!

Anonymous said...

COYOTE: i saw your message and i can say that your making me jalous(lol) im looking to start a small room for reproduction of the OTALA LACTEA snails, im a snail maniac and thee is nothin better than growing your own snails!!!
im pleasing you!!! can you get me some of those snails and send them to me? i'll send you the money for the delivery and a bonus for waisting your time on me.
i live in canada so i cant find some big ones.please help
best regards

Anonymous said...

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