28 March 2008

TSA surprise

When I picked up my suitcase at the National Airport at the end of our flight from Florida this afternoon, I noticed that the lock on the suitcase had changed places. So I suspected some funny business.

Sure enough, when I opened my suitcase at home, I found a thoughtful note left behind by the ever-vigilant folks at the Transportation Security Administration.


What could have looked unusual and suspicious to their keen eyes? My sandals? The bag of dirty laundry? The laptop?


Or, were they confused by the many small spiral objects that may have showed up on their screens?


Luckily, my snail shells survived the government scrutiny unscathed.


Dave Coulter said...

Heh. They probably have your blog under scrutiny too. (Waving to the Feds)

At the very least your snails probably made someone's post-work dinner conversation more lively!

Duane Smith said...

Long before the current paranoia, I was returning from the Near East with one of my two suitcases full of samples for laboratory study. Two of the several dozen plastic baggies full of various samples contended nari detritus. Nari is a limestone. Nari detritus is disintegrated nari. In other words, white powdery stuff. Those two bags cost me four hours being entertained by, and entertaining, customs inspectors and DEA officers at Kennedy Airport. They figured out quite quickly that the white powdery stuff didn't interest them. But it sure aroused their curiosity about all the other stuff. It didn't help that I made an ill advised remark about their drug sniffing dog going to sleep during the process. It also didn't help that I was caring these samples for our geologist who was coming home via a different flight and two days later. In most cases, I wasn't altogether sure what the baggies contained. With only a few exceptions, the carefully written labels in and on each baggy gave only the excavation locus reference numbers. Oh yeah, I also missed my connecting flight to Los Angeles and had to spend the night in New York, New York. Not my favorite visit to that city.