23 April 2008

Black rat snake in the wall


I took the day off yesterday and went on a bike ride along the C&O Canal. It was a nice way to spend the Earth Day. One of the places I passed by was Nolands Ferry where the remains of this old wall is alongside the path.


When I first saw this head sticking out of a gap between the blocks in the wall, I thought it was of a dead black rat snake* (Elaphe obsoleta). It was totally motionless when I approached it with my camera. After a few shots, I was getting ready to leave when I turned to take one last look and noticed that it had moved further into the gap. So it was alive. Then I saw its forked tongue flickering in and out of its mouth. Whenever I lifted the camera up to my eye, however, the tongue would disappear, only to return after I lowered it again. I was not to have a more exciting picture.


*Identified by Butch Norden of the Maryland DNR.


Dave Coulter said...

Great Earth Day shot!

lisa said...

Judging from the opacity over his eye, he's likely ready to shed soon, and probably couldn't see too well. Nice shots!

Anonymous said...

We saw that little guy today. Hes still There in the wall.