27 April 2008

Controlling pigs of Turkey

I wrote about the wild boar lunch I had in a village near Istanbul in this post. My chances of ever having a ham and cheese sandwich in Istanbul are, however, diminishing. The BBC reports that the governing Islamic AK Party of Turkey seems to be forcing the few remaining pig farms in Turkey to close and preventing the handful of Greek butchers serving the ever-dwindling Greek population of Istanbul from selling pig meat.

I have a tendency to take all news reports with a grain of salt, especially when they originate with "correspondents" whose accounts can't always be verified. But in this case, a Google search found many more reports in Turkish newspapers of the the government's ongoing attempts to close down the pig farms. Some of the news date back to 2005.

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Duane Smith said...

There is a country south of Turkey that also has serious qualms about pigs. They outlawed pig farms in 1963. But the law made an exception for research purposes. The law also allowed for the slaughter of "surplus" pigs. Those research facilities produce thousands of "surplus" pigs. Locals sometimes call them turkey farms. So it seems to me that Turkey needs to do a lot more pig research.