24 April 2008

My new toy: Greenspeed Anura

After a month of deliberation, I bought an Anura, the delta trike made by Greenspeed of Australia.

Now there is no stopping me.


O. B. Sirius said...

"Now there is no stopping me"
But others will be stopping as they gawk! Nice ride. You look cool.

Anonymous said...

A runner / hiker turns into a biker ... a three-wheeler at that ... a sure sign of aging. :(

Cindy said...

Very interesting. I'm trying to see something frog-like in it, but I guess it's just the name. What are the advantages of a bike like this, besides having an extra wheel to run over those pesky millepedes? (just kidding!)

How does it do on hills?

Tim Pearce said...

Corners. Can you take corners at speed? Three wheels would prevent you from leaning into curves. Is that an issue? And don't you need a drag-inducing orange flag on a stick to alert auto drivers that you are close to the ground?
Looks like lots of fun. May I try it next time I visit?


Cindy: If you follow the links to the company's web page, they explain somewhere how they picked the name Anura, but to be honest with you, I haven't bothered to read it yet.

I have never been comfortable on ordinary bikes, because I tend to lose my balance, especially during sharp turns or if I do too much looking around. To me, the main advantage of a trike is that I can relax & enjoy the scenery & the creatures around me without having to worry about falling down.

However, I find it difficult to get started again if I happen to stop while going uphill. On an ordinary bike, you can put your put down & give yourself a push. That doesn't help much on a trike, because you are so close to the ground. If there is a better way, I haven't figured it out yet.

Tim: I have noticed that I instinctively lean my body from one side to the other to maintain balance when I am making turns as if I were in a boat in the sea.

Yes, the bike shop did recommend a flag for riding in traffic, but I don't intend to go out on busy roads, at least not yet.

Yes, you may try it next time. I think you will like it.

Dave Coulter said...

That looks awesome. I like my bike(s) but have always wanted to try a recumbent. Your trike looks even cooler!

Alan said...

I am thinking about one of those Anura trikes. do you ride a lot? do you still love it?

alanmushnick at gmail dot com


I try to ride it at least a couple of times a week mostly in the neighborhood. The first few months I had problems with various screws getting loose. The bike shop replaced some & I replaced others. I haven't had problems since then. No other problems so far, if you don't count flat tires.