29 April 2008

Our last hope

The very last surviving milkweed plant we had last August couldn't make it thru a dry period when we forgot to water it. And that was before it had produced any seed pods. With the demise of that plant, the long line of milkweed plants in our yard went extinct.

A week ago when we were cleaning the garage, we found a box full of envelopes with seeds of assorted plants that were saved and then forgotten. Among them were 2 envelopes labeled "milkweed seeds" and dated September 2000 and November 2004 and one unlabeled, undated envelope also containing the same.


Over the past weekend, I planted all of the seeds in planters. I have no idea how long milkweed seeds survive under less than ideal conditions, but I am hoping that perhaps there was one live seed left in one of those envelopes that will bring back the milkweed lineage. The fingers are crossed.


1 comment:

Katie said...

I imagine you must have been very happy to find that. Hope those seeds are viable. Keep us posted.