14 May 2008

2 noteworthy incidents from this afternoon's trike ride

While riding my Greenspeed Anura:

1. A chipmunk appeared on the sidewalk in front of me and then just sat there on its hind legs staring at me as I was approaching it fast. It probably had no idea what it was that was coming towards it. I had to swerve to one side to avoid hitting it just when it finally decided to dash away in the same direction. Luckily, it was faster.

2. 2 small dogs charged at me whilst barking furiously. Being at the bottom of a hill, I was going rather fast and they were headed straight towards the front tire. At the last moment they decided it wasn't such a good idea to splatter their puny brains all over me.

Note to self: Chipmunks are unpredictable; small dogs are nuts.

1 comment:

Dave Coulter said...

That's right. You're much closer to the local fauna now, lol...