15 May 2008

Cat food is not just for cats


The past 2 mornings and evenings I have been seeing these slugs (Limax maximus) feasting on the bits and pieces left in the otherwise empty cans of cat food in the recycling bin that we keep outside our front door. And they were not the only ones in the can; one isopod is also in the picture.

If I can fatten up the resident Limax maximus on this high protein diet, perhaps they will perform more of their aerial matings this summer.


Megan said...

Hmm, the thought of slug mucous on cat food cans is pretty yucky. Those young guys (the slugs, maybe not the isopod) need to bulk up on protein, though, so I'm sure your recycling bin is appreciated.

xoggoth said...

Darn, I clicked on that link hoping to see some flying slugs.