14 May 2008

Does Jesus love extraterrestrial aliens?

According to today’s news reports (Reuters), the Vatican’s chief astronomer Jose Gabriel Funes said in an interview that "Just as there is a multiplicity of creatures on earth, there can be other beings, even intelligent, created by God...There could be (other beings) who remained in full friendship with their creator."

Considering the fact that here on our small earth there are so many "true" religions worshiping one or more gods, I would think that each planet that harbored life forms as intelligent as Homo sapiens would also be likely to have a multitude of belief systems.

If extraterrestrials vastly more intelligent and advanced than us landed on earth tomorrow and revealed to us that their religion, if they had one, was also vastly different from ours, would Father Funes consider giving up Catholicism and converting to their religion? If not, how would he explain that presumably the same god who he thinks also created the extraterrestrials gave them a different religion?

If something like that happened, could the earth-bound "true" believers continue to maintain, with a straight face, that only the particular religion that they had been most likely brain-washed into by their parents, was still the only "true" religion and that the extraterrestrials were in fact infidel heretics perhaps deserving to be burned at the stake?

It gets sillier and sillier everyday.


Dave Coulter said...

Yes, this story caused me similar head scratching. My first thought was, "well, consider the source."

My second thought was that they were trying to smooth over all the imprisonments (and worse) that they imposed on those early astronomers - ala Monty Python:

"This is a happy occasion! Let's not argue about who burned who at the stake for their celestial theories..."

Such is progress on the planet of the apes.

Anonymous said...

In that case, what a very unchristian attitude most Hollywood films have to god's fellow creatures. I hope Sigourney Weaver is a bit nicer to Alien in the next sequel.