05 May 2008

Isopods on flickr

Think of an obscure, esoteric object or activity and the chances are there is a group devoted to photographs of it on flickr. After all, there are groups for battered old chairs, three legged-cats [sic] and balancing eggs on top of other eggs (2 members and 2 photos as of today).

But believe it or not, until about 3 months ago no flickr group existed for isopods, my other favorite animals. So, I created one. We are now up to a total of 3 members, including myself. Of the 22 pictures in the group photo pool, most are mine. And those have all been used to illustrate the posts about isopods on Snail’s Tales.

Isopods may never become as popular as Turkish oil wrestlers, but I am hoping the group will continue to grow.


gillesarbour said...

Well I am not a member yet - but I must say that I now look at the isopods I find in my backyard with much more respect. I actually took few pictures, and now I turned them upside down and try to identify them.

You have made an "isopodophile" out of me.

Just a Quebec amateur naturalist who visits your blog almost on a daily basis.


Well, post your photos on flickr & then join the group!

BTW, I will be in Montreal again for a few days near the end of July.