03 May 2008

Trike repair - Episode 1

It's been only about 2 weeks since I bought my Greenspeed Anura and I already had a flat tire yesterday. This morning I set to work to do something I hadn't done in maybe 40 years. In fact, although I have faint childhood memories of watching the neighborhood kids repair their bike tires, I don't recall if I ever repaired a flat of my own bike. Relying on those distant teachings, information I had printed from the Internet from this site and the live advice given by my good friend Ümit via cell phone, I tackled the problem like a true novice and overcame it in just about 2 hours, which includes the time spent taking photos and talking on the phone.

Thanks to Ümit's insight, I was able to repair the inner tube without removing the front tire.

Part of the reason why it took so long was that the "offending substance" turned out to be a minuscule piece of metal protruding from the inside of the tire; I could feel it with my finger, but not really see it.


Its removal required one of my dissecting forceps and the magnification provided by a 7x Hastings triplet. Here it is on the palm of my hand. It was 2 mm long and barely a quarter of a millimeter wide, but strong enough to create a pin hole thru the inner tube.

The inner tube has now been patched up and the trike is back in working condition. If the tire remains inflated, I will take it out for a ride this afternoon.

Until the next episode, peace be upon you.


O. B. Sirius said...

Remember, Craig used to be a bike repair guy!

Michael said...

You might install "Mr. Tuffy" brand tire liners, available at most any bike shop. There are several sizes, so you'll need to know your tire size when picking them up. Mr. Tuffy has saved me numerous tire repairs over the years, I've pulled many thorns and nails out of my tires that never penetrated the tube.


Michael: Thanks for the advice. I will see if I can get them for my tire size.