13 May 2008

Where do the old questions about dead birds go?

A while ago in this post, I and several commenters offered answers to the question, Where do all the dead birds go? The same question has now returned from the grave and is the subject of a recent post at the Bird Ecology Study Group.

I started reading the BESG blog a couple of months ago and it has since become one of my favorite blogs. I am not a birder and I get bored from looking at the seemingly endless species lists or just pictures of birds that I often see on few other primarily birding blogs that I regularly read. In contrast, almost all posts at the BESG blog have something to do with an interesting bird behavior and are accompanied with good, original pictures. I find them quite informative.

We need to have more blogs like that not just about birds, but about all other animal groups.


Dave Coulter said...

This looks good. I agree that there's a lot of "pretty picture" blogs out there. Personally, I'm always more interested in seeing animals in action.

YC said...

Thank you, Aydin, for the kind words.

pascal said...

The comedian Steven Wright had a saying, "It's a good thing there's gravity, because otherwise when birds die, they'd just stay up there."

Anonymous said...

Even if not eaten by larger scavengers it is amazing how quickly insects will dispose of a corpse.

Less than two weeks ago the slowworm resident of my log pile kicked the bucket and I threw it behind the compost heap. A few days ago it was just an empty husk, skin filled with a picked skeleton and no smell at all.

A very small animal true, but I was surprised at the speed.