06 June 2008

I was starting to feel powerless

Sometime after midnight last night my neighborhood lost electricity. Around 9 o'clock this morning about a dozen trucks and about 2 dozen men wearing thick, yellow rubber boots appeared and started working. A manhole housing several high voltage cables on our front yard quickly became one of the focal points of their activities.


The men wearing thick, yellow rubber boots worked all day. Finally, around 8:40 this evening just as it was starting to get dark in the house, we were endowed with power again.

What would we do without electricity?


Snail said...

Are thick, yellow rubber boots that effective when kneeling on the ground?!

Most of the electricity supply in this area comes through overhead cables. I am always impressed by the workers who have to deal with them. It's not the job for me.


The men in the thick, yellow rubber boots told me that all the electrical cables in my neighborhood are underground. That makes them immune to storms, high winds, fallen trees, etc. But the downside is that when something does go wrong, it takes the men in the thick, yellow rubber boots a long time to figure out what is wrong in which manhole.

xoggoth said...

Our are all on overhead pylons and we get quite a few powercuts. I suspect Dacca has fewer.