11 June 2008

A straight plug for a gay musician

Regular readers of this blog must have figured out by now that I am not gay and I don't write about such subjects (not that there is anything wrong with it). But today I will make an exception and insert this post for my friend Don Harvey, who happens to be gay and a musician.

Don recently released Good Clean Fun, his 1st CD. The CD features 16 songs Don wrote and sang, whilst playing the bass, acoustic and electric guitars and an organ of some sort.


A few months ago when Don mentioned that he was working on a CD, he warned me that it was gay music. My response was something like "Music is music, how can there be gay music?" Don’s explanation was simple: "The lyrics are about gays." Of course, the lyrics!
We’re sailing on to Constantinople
And our life on our ship is just grand
Out here on the ocean we’ve nothing to fear
We wash down our suppers with tall steins of beer
And we choose for a bunkmate a man to hold near
We’d fight for our country for free
Just give us a life on the sea!

We’re sailing into Constantinople
Our brave Captain warned us it’s true:
That when we’re ashore we’ll be put through our paces
By big Turkish studs wearing black boots with laces
Our heels in the air and broad smiles on our faces
As happy as sailors can be
The Navy’s the lifestyle for me!

Sailing to Constantinople by Don Harvey (written for an old photograph of beer drinking German sailors and in remembrance of William Butler Yeats' poem Sailing to Byzantium)
Don's a pretty good guitar player. But I don't quite know how to describe his music. Pop? Rock? Mostly acoustic pop-rock? There are even some shades of country, folk and blues. Some of the harmonies actually reminded me of the Moody Blues. My wife read the lyrics (to make sure I wasn't getting too out of hand) and declared that for the most part, they were clever and funny.

"And if you hear some thumpin', it's just Jake pumping DNA in his buddy's back door."

Good Clean Fun is available here (where you can also listen to a 2-minute sample of each song).

My favorite Don Harvey tune What would you say? could, with a little bit of wild imagination, easily pass for a straight song.
What if I asked you to come take a walk with me
Down to the river to swim in the nude?
Would you unravel and become unglued by it?
What if I asked you if this makes you think that I'm rude?

What would you say?

What if I told you that we've drawn a bath for you?
Six grinning soldiers say "Take off your clothes!"
Climb in the tub and twelve hands will take care of you
Lather you up from your head to the tips of your toes!

What would you say?

Don is also an accomplished lepidopterist at a major research institution. Recently, he got interested in gastropods with long penises (and that's how our paths crossed). He and I will be having good, clean slimy malacological fun for many years to come.


Nuthatch said...

I don't comment here enough, but suffice to say if I only had one blog to read, it would be yours. I frequently laugh out loud, as I did this time. Especially funny since my husband just returned from Turkey (and I still have the song "Istanbul, not Constantinople" stuck in my head).

xoggoth said...

How would we know your sexuality from this blog Mr O? I thought you fancied snails. More folk genre than anything else, I would have said.