17 July 2008

Euchemotrema hubrichti

The land snail featured on the T-shirts of the American Malacological Society meeting in Carbondale, Illinois last month was Euchemotrema hubrichti. As its specific name implies, the snail was named by Henry Pilsbry in 1940 after the late Leslie Hubricht who was honored at the meeting by a symposium and the field trip after the meeting was to LaRue Pine Hills, the type location of E. hubrichti.

So, everything fell into place and, as you can imagine, it was exciting to see live specimens of E. hubrichti during the field trip.


More or less everything we currently know about this snail is in Anderson & Smith [A redescription of the carinate pillsnail, Euchemotrema hubrichti (Pilsbry, 1940) (Pulmonata:Polygyridae), with notes on habitat and genetics. Zootaxa 807:1-11, 2005], which you may download from here.


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