25 July 2008

Going to Montreal again

Hey, Transportation Security Administration, I will be flying again over the weekend! In October of last year you "randomly" picked me for a body search, back in March you searched my checked luggage, in June you took my yogurt away. I can't wait to see what you have planned for me this time.

Let me answer a few questions beforehand to make your job easier.

The purpose of my visit?
Pleasure! Simla the Niece & Nil are getting married tomorrow! Woo hoo!

How long will I be staying?

Until Monday morning.

Anything to declare?
Oh yes...four prohibited items...no, no, no. No. One...one prohibited item...No, no. Not even one prohibited item. No, no prohibited items at all. No dangerous prohibited items, no*.

Last time I went to Montreal I was Sir Aydin. This weekend I will be Professor Orstan and it will probably the only time in my life I will have that title before my name.

I will try to post from Montreal whenever I get a chance, otherwise, I have scheduled posts.

Bye now.

*With appreciations to Monty Python.

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