29 July 2008

Hey Canada, I want my scissors back!

Last Friday I flew to Montreal carrying in my carry-on bag a pair of scissors with blades shorter than 4 inches (allowed by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration).

Yesterday morning at the airport in Montreal the same scissors got confiscated.

Me: I flew here with them from the U.S. and now you are telling me I can’t take them back?
Security guy: I know it’s stupid, but the 4-inch blade exemption doesn’t apply in Canada.
I laughed. What more could I have done?
Me: This is good. I will write about it on my blog.
Security guy: You can, Sir.
So then, with the security guy’s “permission”, I am now writing about it.

There will be more stories like this as long as cretins are drafting the regulations that regulate us.


Simla said...

so you can enter Canada with a weapon, but you can't leave with one?

Coyote said...

Cretins is far too charitable a term for them.

gillesarbour said...

Same thing happened to me (and thousands of others). My kids had offered me a nice set of scissors for a long gone birthday. The Montreal custom guy took away my small rounded blades scissors "for security" reasons. I showed him 2 very pointed sharp and potentially dangerous pencils I had with me. He acknowledged this was not based on strong logic...

One month ago my wife came back with a bunch of cute little scissors from the thrift shop. The vendor said they received boxes of them from the customs. No, mine wasn't there. But maybe I'll find yours soon for 25 cents in my home town about 20 miles from Montreal.