20 July 2008

Not exactly the latest news

My longtime friend Selim e-mailed this yellowed newspaper clipping a few hours ago. He said it was from the winter of 1966 and the subject, Şükrü Türel, was a now-deceased relative of his.

The "unusual" event that was worthy of a spot in an Istanbul newspaper was this Şükrü guy's dip in the Bosphorus apparently on a cold day.

I thought the reported conversation was amusing:
In response to the question, "Is the sea cold?", Ş. Türel said "Not to me. Probably it is 15-16 degrees [Celcius]. If it were colder, my neck would feel cold." Türel, who says the weather is warm, is seen in the picture.
Did anything more significant happen on that day in Istanbul?

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Michael said...

I've been through the Bosporus on a ship in the winter - no, I didn't touch the water - and it was doggone cold. Şükrü was one tough guy, if maybe a little weird.