30 July 2008

Pictures from high above 9: a triangle on the ground


I took this picture on the way to Montreal from Washington, DC last Friday.

For all the previous entries in this series I was able to locate the places in Google Earth. But in this case I didn't even try. The only clue I have is that the picture was taken about 20 minutes after we took off from the Washington National Airport.

The picture from high above No. 8 was some place along the Potomac and remains unidentified.


xoggoth said...

Hey that's my house! Oh, no wait, It probably isn't. Montreal, Potomac, that's not in England is it? Places all look the same from above.

PS Hey, I think I can see my van!

John said...

How about here: 39.165805, -77.514467


Indeed! But how? I was going to look for it in Pennsylvania or New York. I had no idea we were still near home. The picture was taken at 12:03. The plane was scheduled to take off from National Airport at 11:35. We must have been a little late.

Kevin Zelnio said...

Wait! You mean they didn't confiscate your potentially dangerous camera?? I mean, it could harbor a bomb, or you could through it a flight attendant and knock her out!

John said...

The last time I flew out of National Airport, the place followed the Potomac west for a while before changing course. So I just followed the Potomac in Google Maps until I saw it.